Do you feel inflicted, stupid, suicidal, not morally fit? or do you feel that you owe an explanation of what went wrong during your last relationship, job, education or even life.

Are you proud of yourself?, your achievements, and can you stand still when the turbulent of choices you made hits back or you will swindle and allow your self fall down?. What makes you happy conformity or success?, regrets or facing fears?

Does your choices makes you happy or sad, will you die or become more alive when problems hits at you. look deep inside you,do you have integrity for your own self? are you proud of who you are? Do you consider yourself a package of Success or Failure?.

Inside you there is determination, success, goals, resilience, vision, leadership, pro activeness, and inside you there is also fear,conformity, regrets, failure, laziness, obstacles, pleasure and pressures. What is success to you ? As for me i can make this day a successful day since im alive and i can correct the mistake i did yesterday i can do important thing that i couldn’t do it yesterday or i can make it a failure and stick to the plans that i had yesterday which didn’t lead to any fruition.

We all make mistakes, holds regrets but you have to color those scars and move on you were not born to just cry and die. inside you their is a manuscript yelling at you…..YOU CAN DO THIS, don’t yell back at it by holding regrets, failures, be a kite of your won choice, make those choices that will inflict your life in a positive way, take those chances, leave nothing at a chance and remember all your dreams can come true , if we have the courage to pursue them, don’t be a superior man who modest in his speech, but don’t exceeds in his actions.

Never give up without a fight, fight until the last drop of your blood, and it wont be an easy jog-away task, you will fail several times and make mistakes on your way to the top, but remember SUCCESS IS NORMALLY FOUND IN A PILE OF MISTAKES AND STARS CANT SHINE WITHOUT DARKNESS.




 Remember the vibrant you? With clear visions about the future you want to own. A happy family, thriving career, financial stable and helping friends. You were a catapultian of your own life and desires, A VALID DREAMER.

 Along the way you could share with friends, about how you will own the future, grasp any opportunity that will knock on your door. You shared your dreams with the few you can trust; you were a dreamer, a visionary, entrepreneur, future manager, future CEO, the future best-selling author, actor, actress and the list is endless. Friends and family could rely on you, when it comes to community involvement, everyone could anticipate how your future would be; bright, successful, and a future leader in their society. Then one day a variegated obstacle come across your path, made you stumble, you lost hope, the burning desire you had collapsed, the people who had their keen eyes on you also lost hope about you, your friends turn their backs on you, you are now ranked amongst psychopathic people….huh… sound outrageous. This makes you even fall down, to the point you become a refuge of life, your desire about a better future has now shun, you have made an imprimatur approval that there is nothing worth fighting for in this life, you start critiquing how the government is corrupt and embezzling the citizens fund and you, yourself you have corrupt your own future with undetermined goals, low self-esteem, relying on comfort zones where nothing grows on that side. You start comparing yourself with your friends who have moved up the ladder and you begin blistering how your life is a tone of shameful acts and you repel from moving forward and BOOOOOM a refuge of life CEO is created.

 Who will pull you from this type of dungeon? Who will seek employment for you? Who will pay your bills? Trust me no one except yourself. The vibrant you ought to be born again and rediscover your passions and desires. The successful people you see outside there with fancy cars, bungalows and beautiful families trust me there were once “runners” of life who didn’t give up until they reached the finishing line, wake up dude and little sister it doesn’t matter where you are, what you have, but you have to start making your life better with whatever you have.

 Stop being a refuge of your life, explore the world, dress up and go job hunting, go back to training, ask friends for volunteer works  revive that monster desire back, be hungry about making things better than were yesterday as the best things are on the other side of fear.

 You are a DREAMER, full of energy and all the packages that will take you to that next level. Build your dream or someone else will hire you to build theirs. Make your dreams opalescent.


Whose heart and undecided emotions is that? I think I know.
its owner is quite happy though,
full of joy like a vivid rainbow,
I watch her laugh i cry hello…..
She give her heart and undecided emotions a shake.
and laughs until her belly aches,
the only other sounds the break,
of distant waves and birds awake,
the heart and undecided emotions is broken, fluffy with confusion and deep
but she has promises to keep,
after cakes and lots of sleep,
sweet dreams come to her cheap,
she rises from her gentle bed,
with thoughts of kittens in her head,
she eats her jam with lots of bread,
ready for the day ahead.